Celebrities Plastic Surgery transformations 2015 – 40 Stars Before After Plastic Surgery


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  1. Ummm. Okay, so, seriously, who the hell is so bored that's making these videos?? I mean, really! What buissnes is it of yours what implants or "jobs" the celebs have? And really!!! Emma Watson didn't do anything to her nose!

  2. Circus music for the circus world we live in is spot on. But come on, I am not seeing a lot of these nose jobs. They are in different positions, some are in heavily photo shopped photos, and there is different lighting. Open your mind would ya?Plus, I don't blame them. They live in an unrealistic world where there is so much pressure about being perfect and desirable. I also feel bad that they are heavily judged and making a mistake can ruin them and make them hated by people that do not know them. I would hate to be famous.