Skincare Tips For Your Man!

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I previously talked a lot about skincare products and how it is important to take good care of our skin. But what about for those men in our lives? How should our boyfriends, husbands,dads, brothers etc… take care of their skin? Or our male audience that watches Asian Beauty Secrets? Well guys, today’s episode is for you!

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  1. a GOOD shaving device. You use it so regularly, its important to get one that is sharp, durable, and clean shaves. I dont understand men who buy cheap disposable razors with less than four blades. Its your face!!

  2. Hey Mia :) Can you do a video comparing drugstore and designer products? Skincare and makeup and why you might choose one over the other.Love your videos! Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise.

  3. I´m a bit skeptical to exfoliating your face every day. My skin gets pretty quickly itchy because of too much exfoliating. Mainly because of too much vitamin A oinment, but I´ve never used psychial scrubs that often. My face is like very smooth to belong to a boy.

    I imagine your skin only will get more oilier from constant scrubbing, and therefore make you look older more quickly.

    And yea, stay away as much as possible from sulfate based face washes. You don´t really need it, and I´ve noticed my hyperpigmentation has gotten better. After I´ve cutted down on the use.
    It´s like putting dish soap on your face.

    Moisturizes with a bit of oil is just good for your skin, it´s a reason why oils is such a big thing in skin care now.