Neon Gradient Nails with White Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial


Hello!! Here is a nail art design tutorial that is perfect for the hot weather or all year long! A neon pink to yellow ombre nail design with Tropical Hawaiian White Hibiscus flowers!!! Try them and have fun painting!

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  1. What a pleasant surprise this turned out to be!! I absolutely love the results!! I hope i can replicate this for my trip to Hawaii next month!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    If I recreate it I'll tag you and show you for sure!
    IG: rainbowcarnagemua :) 

  2. i instantly thought of a fruity slushy strawberry lemonade when i seen the pink and yellow together, it sounds weird but it's so cute. i like the design btw, you will have me looking up hibiscus lol i wanna see what they look like

  3. that would look so cool on a chinese theme with that  yellow that bleeds and a nice rich red…hint hint….btw i have been trying alot of ur themes and getting good reactions…i give u all the credit for the theme and i have ppl watching u now coming to me for the designs…ty robin love ya teach