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I’m a licensed Esthetician and after LOTS of requests I’m answering YOUR questions about skin care! Since this is a long video here are a few short cuts for where you can fast forward to.

4:50 – The Basics about Facials and Why you Should do Them
9:44 – Proactiv, Salicylic Acid and why you might break out more after, dry, irritated, etc…
13:55 Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scars and How to get rid of them
16:35 How to Pop a Zit the correct way
18:30 Adult Acne, Fine Lines, Sensitive Skin
20:11 How to reduce redness and Oily Skin
22:04 Crows Feet

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BEST GENTLE CLEANSER & TONER (FOR EVERYDAY USE AND SENSITIVE SKIN) – By far the best GENTLE cleanser I’ve ever used and continue to use. This is my daily cleanser and has been for YEARS. Milky cleansers are gentle and non irritating plus do not strip your skin of its natural oils. This one in particular I LOVE because I can wash my eye area with and take my eye makeup off with (although when I wear a lot of eye makeup I still use an eye makeup remover as well). No Glycolic, No Salicylic – Super Gentle – Best Gentle Toner. I’ve also been using this one to go along with my cleanser for AGES. A lot of people don’t use a toner which is really important. It finishes off the cleansing process, helps to minimize pores and at the end of the day if you wear makeup you will be STUNNED to see how much additional makeup it removes on your cotton ball! – No Glycolic, No Salicylic – Super Gentle

FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION AND ACNE SCARRING – I did mention that if you have pigmentation issues you should probably get a peel or something of the sort but if you are looking for something for at home care and a moisturizer that helps for pigmentation this is a FANTASTIC ONE. This light fluid efficiently protects skin against UV rays and aggressions strains. It brightens and unifies complexion. The appearance of dark spots and fine lines is soothed over and reduced. We have MANY clients on this moisturizer who LOVE it. One thing our clients really like is that it has SPF 30 already in the lotion as well which also protects against further sun damage as well.

FOR ACNE, CLOGGED PORES TREATMENT (AND CAN EVEN HELP WITH DARK SPOTS AND FINE LINES) – I talked a LOT about Glycolic in the video as you probably heard. I have been using Glycolic products on my face since the age of 12 and I swear by the. Our Glycolic Cleanser is by far our best selling cleanser. It has 10% Glycolic in it and helps to exfoliate the dead skin while treating your acne and trouble spots. We recommend using the Algotherm Gentle cleanser in the morning and this cleanser at night to not overdue it. Remember overdoing anything is not good for your skin so always think everything in moderation! – This glycolic moisturizer is amazing! This would be your night cream for before you go to bed. You apply this to cleansed skin (avoiding eye area) and it helps to treat your acne. Again, glycolic will not dry you out as salicylic and benzyl peroxide and others do. Glycolic keeps the skin balanced and glowing which is why everyone loves it. You can do this every night or every other night. I always recommend to start with the 5%PM. Keep in mind – I have been doing Glycolic for YEARS and I only use 10%PM. Don’t be so eager to go high right off the bat. Better to start slow. – A great eye cream for eyes and can also be used on lips as well.

If you guys have ANY additional questions let me know in the comments below. I definitely want to continue on the topic of skin care and answer your questions!

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  1. Hi, I am glad I stumbled on your channel. I see in the description box that if I use the glycolic cleanser ,toner, moisturizer . It is better for me to use Algotherm cleanser in the morning . Is the Algotherm milk cleanser good for the oily acne prone? I have tried milk cleansers in the past as well as ones that say that are light for oily acne prone and have clogged my pores like crazy . Would like your opinion (keep up the great work)

  2. I love the Martine's glycolic cleanser and just placed an order last night for the glycolic toner . Thank you for your advice . I did want to ask you if you don't mind what would you recommend for foundation for oily acne prone and milia prone skin , as some do tend to clog my pores or cause cystic acne ? Thank you for your time 

  3. It's best to visit a dermatologist before using any of the products recommended by this woman. A dermatologist is highly specialized in treating the skin and has underwent extensive schooling (4-5 years), training, and residency (3-7 years). Esthetician's are considerably less educated and do not need to have an in depth knowledge of the science's in order to obtain their license. Be smart people. Get your skin assessed by a professional before actively applying ingredients that may make your skin much worse.

  4. Great video Thanks for all the information . I don't mean to bother you I am interested in both the Gycolic cleanser and moisturizer . I did go to the website but I could not find the ingredients list . Would you mind letting me know the ingredients in both products . There are a number of ingredients that my skin does not like … I would highly appreciate it . Thanks 

  5. Great video! I do have some personal questions of my own that I would really like it, if you could answer them for me. Now, when it comes to getting a facial, shouldn't the individual performing the facial on a client, get the client to fill out some type of skincare+health questionnaire or at least ask the client important questions about their skin and what their main concerns are with it before performing a facial? I have only had one facial done thus far within a salon, and I wasn't asked any questions about my skin, any health issues, any possible topical meds I was using on my face. I was currently using or given a questionnaire to fill out either, before the facial was performed. I also didn't know about the exact products that was used on my face either. Plus, during my facial, at one point, the female doing the facial on me was talking on her cell phone to somebody, which I dudn't kniw was excusable to do during a facial. When I went for the facial, I was using Retin-A, and I am not able to use any skincare products on my face that have fragrance added to them, plus there are some essential oils that don't agree with my skin at all, which I can't have used on my face either. After the facial was performed, my skin did look very deeply cleansed, however, my skin was left quite irritated afterwards. A person's skin should not be left irritated after getting a facial, correct? I have not gone back there for anymore facials. If I was to have a facial done again, it would definitely be with another place for sure. I am on three topical acne meds currently, which I rotate between, and I also use a special prescribed compounded fade cream on my face too. I do get UV Therapy done, glycolic acid peels, and a yellow sulfur peel/mask used on my face within my dermatologist's office once a month. Therefore, I am actively getting treatments performed on my face on a monthly basis. Which is why, with my particular case, would getting a facial done within a salon or spa inbetween my visits to the dermatologist, be something that is considered to be more of an optional thing, versus a necessity?

  6. When I was trained to clear out a pimple aka (pop a pimple) I was trained to take my fingers and wrap them in tissue. This helps to keep your fingers from sliding on your clients skin too much as not to break the skin. But as you may know of the treatment of the extractions the natural oils in the clients skin comes out, making the skin more slippery. The tissue wrapped around your fingers helps in this a lot. Just thought I would share this tip. ????

  7. Hello, Idk if you respond to comments but I have a question. I am 20 but have bad backheads, and acne scars. SHould I get a facial or am I too young? Ive been told by one person im young. What should I do?