Ombre Nail Art


In this step by step tutorial, Suzie demonstrates her technique to create a beautiful Ombre nail design.

0:20 Color Coat of Polish
2:56 Tip: Keep polish bottle clean
3:27 Placement of the polish on a triangle sponge
4:23 Application of Ombre technique
6:37 Sparkle top coat
7:12 Clean up

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  1. thanks so much for sharing this video. I was told to put protection around my nails first. My what a mess that was. Much easier to clean up your way. may I ask where you got the nail polish dispenser. I would like to buy one.

  2. yay ombre nails 😀 atm im wearing a bright blue to pink ombre with holo flakey glitters near the cuticle and black filigree on the pointer n middle…sounds like a mess but its cute…the things i come up with at 2 am :)

  3. What did you say the name of thed top coat you used on the ombre nails in this video with the blue ombre nails. Where can it be purchased. I love your work. You don't use anything but a base color not the clear base coats/.