November Favorites Beauty and Skin


Watch In Hd Here are the lists of my November Favorites

Neutrogena acne stress control

Lancome Hydro Zen

Egg mask skin food

Benefit Professional Balm Primer

Marc Jacobs Primer

Garnier concealer roller

Too faced better then sex mascara



  1. Is it just me or your English has gotten a lot better since you started YouTube ? Anyways! It's so nice to see you getting more comfortable in front of the camera, I feel like we finally can get to know you better !
    Awesome video girl keep going xx

  2. you are soo beautiful Ma'Sha'Allah! and your little sister is so adorable. bless her. she's Mini version of you. when she grows up she'll be as stunning as you. please make a video on how you keep your hair so healthy and long xx

  3. daym, what are you? latina? cant tell. youre hot. love that face. nice angle and bone structure and forehead. nice eyes and long black hair. hyuhh or you have Filipina in you like me