5 Unbelievable Celebrity Body Transformations!


Celebrities struggle with eating, too. Here are 5 who cut the junk and got healthy! Snack better with NatureBox!

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  1. Gee hannah u r one irritating person to watch. Also the content of these videos are hideously un entertaining.
    Also now i know why trisha paytas is buying nature boxes and blogging about them. ( trying to get a sponsor) you guys are really bad, especially hannah, u should get a different job.

  2. My god the obsession with size. I don't think that people withstand rumps , for example, should spend time and effort trying to improve those parts of their body. I meab really.
    How much of a difference does it make in ur life. And I mean a normal person. 

  3. THE ONLY GOOD THING THAT I have and am blessed with is my mtabolism! Eat like shit don't gain weight! Lol ppl think I starve myself! worked out constantly for 3 months and finally gained 20 pounds through muscle

  4. The celebrities also have a little advantage called immense wealth.  They can also do these things while working less, or it is specifically for doing a certain job so they basically spend their "working hours" on getting in shape.

    And no, eating right is not the most important thing. Neither is exercise.  It is motivation.  Without the motivation you will not exercise, you will not focus on eating healthy.  Good mental health is 100% the first and main step in getting in shape.  I was 360lbs.  Then I got to a point in my life where I was actually happier than I was before, and I had the motivation and drive to lose weight.  I got down to 255lbs.  It was great.  Then shit happened in my life and I became depressed, and still am to this day, and I gained nearly all that weight back, and due to being unemployed for 6 months I have actually gotten in worse shape than before due to sitting around.  Is it laziness that caused me to gain weight and lose muscle? Yes. But the cause of that laziness isn't that I just didn't care. It is because I was and am going through some rough shitty times.

    So while I get that sponsors help keep the show going, the little snacks aren't going to do anything for most people to lose weight.

  5. My crossfit trainer looked at my food journal and realized the reason I put on weight was not because I eat unhealthy (he said I eat super healthy), but because I under eat. My body held on to fat and even added fat because it thought it needed reserve.

    I went to my doctor about it a few days ago with my food journal in hand, and sure enough, same statement was made.  Though, my doctor recommended I start eating meat again as a source of protein (I need more than average because of crossfit), but my trainer respected me by suggesting a vegan protein powder.  Though I eat similar to a paleo vegan diet, I'm willing to sacrifice for health.