Midnight Romance Teal Smokey Eyes Nude Lips


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  1. The brighter light is great for the Teal (mermaid) eye shadow. It really makes the shadow stand out and we can see exactly what u r doing so no worries. This is a gorgeous look. 

  2. What is with the negative comments from people? Like they have to search every single thing to criticize about. Just enjoy this video dammit.
    This makeup is awesome and it looks great on you!

    And for people who say you wear alot of concealer, lol it's suppose to go with this kind of makeup, and she puts it on the cheekbones to use it as a highlighter you idiots. I dont get it, they should see Kim K's use of concealer.. Thats what you can call alot.

    You cant tell her how to do her makeup, thats the point of makeup gurus on YouTube, everyone shows their OWN way, their OWN techniques of doing it!

    I think you are very creative with makeup, i know you have awesome ideas but maybe dont want to do them coz you think some people may find it odd, dont care. You're gonna succeed no matter what others have to say about your makeup looks, its always nice to see new ideas and new unique creations.

    AND she can pronounce anything the way she wants to, it doesn't matter as long as viewers get what she's talking about. Ever heard about ACCENTS? I bet your stupid american accents cannot pronounce Evon's full name correctly.